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Romantic  breeze. Romantic melodies performed at the cimbal



1. Paul Mauriat. The minuet.

2. Paul de Senneville. Mariade D'amour..

3. Paul de Senneville. Ballad pour Adeline.

4. Francis Lai. Melody from the movie "Love Story".

5. Paul de Senneville. A comme amour.

6. F.Shopin. Waltz. Op.69.

7. Yiruma. River Flows in You.

8. Maurice Jarre. Melody by Lara (from the film "Doctor Zhivago").

9. Anton Karas. Harry Lime Theme (from the movie "The Third Man").

10. Paul Mauriat. The tokkata "I love the wind".

11. Yuliya Glebova. My space.

12. Leonard Cohen. Hallelujah.

13. James Horner. My Heart Will Go On (from the movie "Titanic").

14. Esin Engin. Melody from the movie "Calikusu".

15. Alexey Rybnikov. Music from the film "The Munchausen".

16. Rolf Lovland. The song from  a Secret Garden.
17. Yuliya Glebova.  The melody of the soul.









Melodies for Christmas time performed at the cimbal



1. Merry Christmas everywhere

2. Jingle bells

3.  Heichi bumbeichi

4. The snow is falling softly

5. We wish yuo Merry Cristmas

6. The bells never sound sweeter

7.  O thou joyous

8.  P.L.Tschaikowski. Shepherd's dance from the Christmas fairy tale ballet "Nutcracker"

 9. Come shepherds

10. O Christmas tree

11. Come, little children

12. F. Schubert Ave Maria

13. In dulci jubilo

14. What child is this?

15. Again every year

16. Silent night, holy night

17. Deck the halls

18. Gloria.







































Popular classics performed at the cymbals



1. Madrigal. Old melody from the 16th century

2. J.S. Brook. Scherzo

3. L. Bokkerini. Minuet

4. W.A.Mozart. Rondo in the Turkish style

5. F. Chopin. Waltz. Op.64

6. F. Schubert. Musical moment

7. F. Chopin. Waltz. Op.69

8. F. Schubert. Ave Maria

9. P.I. Tchaikovsky. Shepherd's dance from the ballet "Nutcracker"

10. S. Rachmaninoff. Italian polka

11. P. Sarasate. Excerpt from “Fantasia on themes of the opera "Carmen" by G Bizet»  

12. L. Van Beethoven. For Elise

13. G. Bizet. Overture to the opera “Karmen”

14. V. A. Mozart. Small night serenade.









Baroque music performed at cymbals



1. Jean-Baptiste Lully.  Gavotte.

    Three minuets from the "Anna Magdalena Book":

2. Christian Petzold. Minuet G-dur.

3. Unknown author. Minuet G-moll.

4. Unknown author. Minuet in G-dur.

5. Unknown author. Polonaise.

6. L.K. Daken. The cuckoo.

7. F. Couperin. Rondeau B-dur.

8. J.S. Bach. Prelude C-dur.

9. F. Couperin. Small windmills.

10. J.S. Bach. Aria from Orchestral Suite D-dur.

11. F. Couperin. The girl.

12. J.S. Bach. Scherzo from Suite H-moll.

13. Madrigal An old tune of the16th century by an unknown author.

14. A.L. Vivaldi. Seasons. Spring. 1st part.












1. Yuliya Glebova. Don't leave.

2. Yuliya Glebova. To the end of the world.

3. Yuliya Glebova. Not me.

4. Yuliya Glebova. My city (reedit).

5. Yuliya Glebova. He's calling me.

6. Yuliya Glebova. I'm sick.

7. Yuliya Glebova. Barcelona.

8. Yuliya Glebova. Thinness.

9. Yuliya Glebova. Far away.

10. Yuliya Glebova. Roads.

11.Yuliya Glebova. Spring.













1. Yuliya Glebova. Street organ.

2. Yuliya Glebova. For good reason.

3. Yuliya Glebova. Sorry.

4. Yuliya Glebova. At ease!

5. Yuliya Glebova. Calm.

6. Yuliya Glebova. White crow.

7. Yuliya Glebova. Draw.

8. Yuliya Glebova. Where are you?.

9. Yuliya Glebova. Wings.

10. Yuliya Glebova. Danko.









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