The video presentation of the new romantic album is already on YouTube!

Friends, I have recorded a video presentation of my new romantic album! In it, I talk in detail about my work. See it here.

The new album "Romantic Breeze" is ready!!!


Dear friends, I am happy to finally announce that my album with romantic music performed on Cimbal is ready! This CD has come a long way in several years from the idea of creation to recording, mixing and printing! 
The disc contains 17 (!) compositions - these are mainly my reworkings for cimbal of popular romantic melodies, as well as author's works. You  can listen to fragments of all the songs, as well as purchase the album here

Participated in the creation of the album: 
Yulia Glebova - cimbal, piano, keys, arrangements 
Ensemble "Resonance" - violins, cellos, bass, wind instruments 
Alexey Glebov - recording, mixing, mastering, arrangements.

Concert in Darmstadt!

09/ 2/2021
Friends, I present to you fragments of one of the concerts in Germany that I managed to shoot on my own mobile phone. 
This concert is not the most grandiose in my life. But he is very dear to me! Because it took place against all odds! Despite the pandemic, despite the fact that my concertmaster tested positive for coronavirus and he could not play with me, despite the bad weather. 
But my listeners and I had a great time! 
Enjoy watching and see you at the concerts!


New composition "Marriage D'amour" is already on Youtube!


Friends, today I can finally present you one of the songs that will be included in my new romantic instrumental album!) The album will be ready soon! 
This is my original cymbal version of the famous "Marriage for Love" by the composer Paul de Senneville. 
Enjoy your listening experience!

Premiere of the new composition "Melody of the Soul"!


Friends, I present to you my new instrumental composition! 
In this music and autumn romance, and light sadness, and pain, and hope for the best! 
I gave it the name "Melody of the Soul".

My new Christmas album is ready!

12/ 8/2020

Friends, I present to you my new Christmas album!! I put 18 popular Christmas songs on this CD! Among them are melodies from different countries - German, English, American. This is great music to create a festive atmosphere! You can order here.

Thanks for "Sold out"!


Many thanks to everyone who came to the concert at the "Vankovichi House" yesterday, for our little "Sold Out"! But, most importantly, for the wonderful and sincere atmosphere that reigned in the hall. And also for your kind words, wishes and gifts! This is unexpected and very pleasant!

We are waiting for everyone at the concert tomorrow!


Our acoustic concert at the Vankovichi House-Museum in Minsk is already tomorrow! We are excited, getting ready, waiting!

Media publications

12.01.2019 01/12/2019

I decided to put here some newspaper publications of various years about my concerts. Thanks to the journalists for their collaboration!


10.01.2019 01/10/2019

Friends, Y. Glebova's Double Instrumental Album "Popular Classics on Cymbals" + "Baroque Music on Cymbals" - in the winter chart on Tuzin.FM.    

This is not at all like songwriting.) This is a tribute to the cymbals, the instrument that made me come to music when I was 8 years old.    

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