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Julia Glebova is a professional musician, a dulcimer player, a singer and a song-writer.

  Her motto: "The ideal is unattainable , but the meaning of human life is  in the everlasting striving for it ! "

   Her professional training in music began at the age of 8 when she entered the children's music school in Minsk ( Belarus) . From this moment playing the  instrument (a dulcimer ), and singing became an integral part of  Juliа's life . She worked diligently and at that time she had already played in various musical ensembles and participated in contests and concerts .

   After  graduating from the  Music School  with excellent marks in all subjects  Julia continued her musical education at the Glinka Music College in Minsk ,and then at the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts.

   Searching for her own way in the music world she tried herself as a member of the various musical groups (instrumental, vocal and instrumental). Her music styles are from classical to rock and roll! One of these groups is Dulcimer Orchestra under the supervision of Gennady Ermachenkov wellknown throughout the Europe.

  Despite receiving academic musical education  or perhaps owing to it  Julia was always interested in different kinds of experiments with sound and using her instrument. It is reflected, for example, in composing pop pieces for children's dulcimer ensemble and orchestra while working at the Music School. The common classical and folk repertoire seemed to her insufficient to carry the children of  tuday away by music.The actual tunes of her own pieces , as well as the peculiar author's arrangements of other popular works today , adding the electronic sound and drums to the ensemble and orchestra arrangements  was new that helped children  not to consider learning to play the dulcimer  boring and music lessons boring and routine.

   Nevertheless,  Julia had always treated classical music with great love. She considers it's a base for any musical education. The  desire to show that classical music has not lost its relevance today and to bring it up to a great  number of people has led to the creation of CD -ROM "Popular classical music for the dulcimer". This disc is unusual such as it includes many pieces which are not typical for the dulcimer's repertoire. And some of them have never been performed by the dulcimers and they are more familiar for the listeners of the violin or the piano sounds. But, based on the numerous reviews  theseworks are very suitable for the dulcimer and, thanks to this instrument, they acquire new colours.

   After recording the CD "Popular classics performed on cymbals" Yuliya also recorded another album with baroque music, performed on cymbals too. In some of the pieces on this album, cymbals imitate the harpsichord (these are pieces by the French harpsichordists Lully, Couperin, Daquin). There are also pieces by Bach and Vivaldi.

  After the first two instrumental albums the CD "Lieder zur Weihnachszeit mit Zimbal gespielt" appears where popular Christmas tunes (German, American, English), known in many countries of the world, sound. These melodies sound magically and tenderly performed on cymbals, creating a wonderful musical background for the holidays.

  2018 to 2021 Yulia is working on a new album called "Romantic Breeze". In this album she places romantic compositions by contemporary authors, music from films, compositions of her own composition. A video presentation of this album can be seen here:

At the moment, Yuliya Glebova is working on recording a disc with author's pieces of melancholic and relaxation nature.

  The next experiment is the performance of classical pieces in rock processing (together with a group of musicians). The concert performances were successful and inspired Yuliya to create a new CD (instrumental classics) where cymbals and guitar take turns playing solo. The CD is currently under construction.

  As already mentioned, Yuliya is also a singer and sings songs that she makes herself (style - rock, pop). Introducing cymbals into song arrangements was also a bold move. At concerts, she plays cymbals and sings at the same time.
With the group "Chas Speak" Yuliya recorded two albums with songs, as well as several singles.

  Songs and video clips can be listened to and watched here:

  Here you can also watch concert recordings where singing alternates with playing cymbals.

  Any CD by Yuliya Glebova can be ordered here

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